The centre of both the world of chocolate and the world of beer.
Coincidence? We think not.

At first glance, the complimentary tastes between the two might seem obvious. Think of dark beers like porter and stout, which often contain notes of chocolate, even though no cocoa is used in their production. But a closer look reveals that the complimentary qualities of beer and chocolate quickly move beyond the obvious. From sweet to bitter, from light to heavy, from white to dark. The adjectives themselves can describe both beer and chocolate, and can also describe the ways in which those flavours contrast and compliment one another.

The goal when creating a tasting evening of beer and chocolates that the mutual flavor intensity should always be ending in equilibrium. Putting a solid dark chocolate, 70% for example, together with a special light beer would erase the taste of the beer almost entirely. Conversely, if you have a sweet white chocolate in front of a complex beer, there is not so much left to enjoy in the chocolate. There should always be a good balance, so that the flavours of both the beer and the chocolate are in beautiful harmony.

Years of experience in the art of both beer and chocolate production enable the creation of unique tasting events, the memories of which last long after the flavours have faded.

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Beer & Chocolate Tasting

We arrange memorable tasting events highlighting the compliments and interaction of beer and chocolate.

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Drawing on a wealth of local knowledge, we take our show on the road, visiting historic pubs, inns and breweries.

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Our tasting evenings are the perfect compliment to your corporate reception or meeting, setting the right mood for a memorable event.

Beer Tasting

Not interested in chocolate? No problem. Our knowledge is extensive enough to cover the breadth and depth of beer alone.

Chocolate Tasting

Not interested in beer? Once again, no problem. Our knowledge is extensive enough to cover the breadth and depth of chocolate alone.

Belgian Beer Culture

Belgium boasts one of the most diverse brewing scenes, per square kilometer, in the world. We can act as knowledgeable guides.

Beer & Chocolate Education

The perfect place to start when you don’t know where to start. We can tailor introductory sessions covering the basics, providing a solid foundation.

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Whether around Belgium or around the world, we have a solid knowledge of the varying techniques, styles, and tastes.

Werner Callebaut from Bierolade

Werner Callebaut is a passionate connoisseur of both chocolate and beer. With a name like Callebaut, one of the biggest names in Belgian chocolate, it is entirely logical that he would be drawn to the former. He received his formal training in chocolate processing at Syntra, in Aalst, fully intending to go to work in the Chocolate industry. At a certain point, Werner also discovered a love of Belgian beer culture, and pursued further formal training, this time as a beer connoisseur, or zytholoog, in Leuven. In an effort to combine his two passions, he began organizing tasting evenings that combine the flavors of beer and chocolate, first for the The Dijleschuimers, a Leuven-based tasting club, and later for a number of other organizations and events around Belgium. At first surprised by the warm reception his events garnered, he has come to understand that they fill a niche that had been missing in the Belgian gustatory scene.

Werner Callebaut
In addition to organizing beer and chocolate tasting events for a wide variety of organizations, groups and individuals, Werner keeps up with current developments in the field by attending a number of conferences, lectures and events around the world, such as the the IMEX fair in Frankfurt, IBTM World in Barcelona and the Beer- and Whiskey fair in Göteborg for Tourism Flanders. He conveys his knowledge to a wider audience by penning articles for trade publications and giving interviews and lectures.

But of course his real passion lies in developing interesting, enlightening, and pleasurable tasting events, for all manner of groups and organizations, facilitating a perfect introduction to the country through two of its greatest products.

Ambras is a project of Philippe Millet and Werner Callebaut, both residents of Noduwez, part of Orp-Jauche Walloon Brabant. Ambras is brewed in the brewery Jandrain-Jandrenouille, just down the road from Noduwez.

It is a blond beer of 6.5% ABV and uses the exclusive US ‘Palisade’ hops from the Yakima Valley in Washington State. This hop has as its main feature a unique aroma of red fruits. Ambras is produced from the special way the yeasts, at relatively low temperature, are always ‘stressed’ to release as much esthers as possible. Ambras is a thirst quencher, has a subtle hoppiness and a pleasant maltiness with a fruity aftertaste.

For Flemings, the word “Ambras’ means quarrel. The English word “embarass” comes from the French word, which means difficulty or discomfort. Thus a Dutch speaker using the word “Ambras” as “Ambrasse ‘, which is interpreted by a Francophone as “embrasse” or “embrace”, while in English the word means the opposite of what the French understand. With this name we want to show in a humourous way that Flemings and Walloons sometimes interpret things differently, but we all as Belgians, independent of any political debate, prove to live together in harmony. At least, we prove this in Noduwez, where we all make and drink beer together.


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